K-Variety/Reality Shows

September 16, 2018

Dancing High

dancing high

Regina’s thoughts:

I am really feeling this new reality show. I’m going to shamelessly admit I only started watching because 1) Lee Gi-kwang 2) There’s dancing.

I have currently finished episode 2, and my favorite dancer is Kim Min Hyuk. My favorite judge is Gi-kwang. I felt so incredibly bad when he wasn’t chosen by any of the top ten dancers. So, I am cheering for his team.

Sabrina’s thoughts:

Absolutely excited about this series, and so far, loving it! Dancing has always been something that I enjoyed, but throw in Lee Gi-kwang (siding with the sis on this one) and Hoya and I’m a very happy woman.

And have you seen the 13-year-old that hit the number one spot this week?? That girl can dance! But boo to the top 10 that didn’t choose the one coach I would have chosen first or second. It’s a tough toss up for me between Gi-kwang and Hoya. Of course, I realize that they are basing their decisions on what they want to make out of the competition, but I secretly was making it based off the looks and the talent. Lethal combination.


September 16, 2018

Happy Together


Sabrina’s thoughts:

I check this show out weekly. It often depends on the guests whether it catches my attention or not. For example, the episode where they had Taemin and Kai on at the same time was the bomb! So awesome. It’s a show I never miss checking out. And I love the karaoke contest at the end.